Some interesting facts you probably didn’t know about smoking and drinking in the UK:


  • Since the 1970s, the number of Brits who have given up smoking has risen from 27% to 54%, which is almost double – that means that twice as many of us are trying to kick the habit than ever before!
  • Since 2005, the number of teetotallers, aged between 16 and 24, increased by over 40%. That’s a significant increase in the number of alcohol-avoiding young people.


  • The North East of England has the highest proportion of smokers at 22.3%, while the South East has only 17.2%. Records showed the proportion of smokers in London to be 17.3%.
  • Over 1 in 5 adults are reported to be teetotal in the UK. Or so they say…
  • There is a correlation between the proportion of smokers and the quality of life in any one region. The highest number of smokers were found in areas with the lowest income, the lowest level of education and the highest unemployment rate.
  • Only 15% of adults in the South West of England claim to abstain from boozing, whereas London boasts 32%. The South East of England showed an 18% proportion of teetotal adults.
  • The number one cause of preventable deaths in the UK is smoking.


  • The North East of England is the most prolific region for binge drinking in the whole country.
  • China was the first country to sell e-cigarettes. They first went on sale in 2004 and are now commonly used around the world. Less than 1 in 300 non-smokers actually use e-cigarettes.


  • Binge drinking in the UK has fallen by over a sixth since 2005.

Stats interpreted from the ONS

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