Taking a gap year or going on holiday? Planning to visit South East Asia or the Seychelles? Perhaps you’re hoping for a work-away placement in Australia, or an exchange programme with Mexico? Or is it a weekend break to Prague? Not for me.

People travel for thousands of miles to see the astonishing history and culture of other continents and far-flung countries but how much of their own country have they seen? Certainly most people in England would pass on the opportunity to spend 12 hours on a coach to Scotland, but wouldn’t think twice about jumping on a 16 hour train from Orchha to Udaipur.

There is so much to discover on my own little island of Great Britain, and for this reason, I am embarking upon Becky Jo’s Great British Tour!

I live in a van. Well, for now, at least. I am keeping the finances ticking over by copywriting on a freelance basis (Your Word Gurus) as I travel around England, Wales and Scotland in my Ford Transit Autohome -‘Groggy’.

Being a white van (wo)man has its perks: I have everything I need with me, I don’t need to carry a backpack or wheel a suitcase, I don’t have to pay for accommodation, I have my own little private space whenever I want it and it’s a lot of fun!

I bought Groggy in October 2016 and have been dreaming of a roadtrip like this ever since. I set off in May 2018 and will try to keep a record of where I go, what I see and who I meet so that you can track my progress and live my adventure with me.

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