50 Days away

It was mid-May when I set off from my hometown of Tunbridge Wells to travel around Great Britain. In Groggy the campervan, I have been exploring cities I’d heard of but never seen, remote country villages, historic sites and castles and narrow country lanes which only a lunatic would attempt in a high-top Transit.

Confession no.1
I went down a country lane so narrow that when crossing over the tiny stone bridge, I managed to touch the low wall on both sides because the bridge curved around to the left. The sign at the start of the lane had a very clear image of a van with a line through it.

I am fortunate enough to have travelled fairly extensively in the past, and it’s a pastime which suits my temperament. One place in particular which I’d seen very little of however, is my own island called Great Britain (not to be confused with the United Kingdom, which includes Northern Ireland).

Great Britain is made up of England, Wales and Scotland, is home to 65 million people and spans over 80 thousand square miles. Living in my motorhome and sailing the winds on nobody’s agenda but my own, I set about discovering the history, culture and nature Great Britain has to offer, and so far, I’ve been blown away.

Confession no.2
When you live in a campervan, everything has its place and everything has to be stowed properly before you drive anywhere. I have meticulously packed away my bed and turned it back into a seating area every single day (festivals excluded).

To mark the milestone of my 50th night in Groggy, I wanted to do something a bit special; with the company of my sister, I climbed Snowdon. At 3,560 feet, Snowdon is the highest peak in Wales. The scenery, as you can imagine, was absolutely spectacular and I would highly recommend the challenge to any able-bodied individual.

To mark the achievement of ascending Snowdon, we decided to treat ourselves to a night out in Bangor. It was, in a word, an experience. I would recommend this challenge with less gusto…

Confession no.3
My sister and I ended up in the only nightclub in town surrounded by 19 year olds. I may have been persuaded to perform my one and only breakdancing move ‘the worm’, but there is no photographic evidence so I’ll deny it til the end.

There is no doubt that your enjoyment of a place is affected by the weather and the company. As summers go, 2018’s has been one to remember and I’ve barely needed my jumper. As company goes, I have met up with a few friends along the way and have made new friends too, which makes some places stick in my mind as favourites; Warwick, St Ives, Minions and Llandudno, to name but a few.

Thanks to recommendations from locals, such as Dennis from Plymouth who suggested I visit the forgotten corner of Cornwall, I have seen some truly beautiful places with vistas that compare with scenery in Vietnam, New Zealand and South Africa.

Northern England and Scotland are on the horizon for me for the rest of the British summer, which I’m hoping will remain sunny, as I continue Becky Jo’s Great British Tour.

Confession no. 4
I once asked my friend if the Dartford Tunnel goes under the River Dart. She confirmed it goes under the River Thames. Thank god I have a satnav.

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