Random thoughts of a white van woman

When I’m falling asleep and reflecting on the day, or when I drive past things which trigger a memory or a question in my mind, I ask myself if I’m the only person who has come to these conclusions or posed these points.

Below is a jumbled collection of passing thoughts which have occurred to me in recent weeks as a direct result of travelling Great Britain in my campervan.

In no particular order, and with no agenda other than to share my musings:

  • Sunday morning radio leaves a lot to be desired
  • The South East is very densely populated and has the worst rush hour traffic
  • Men forget to be gentlemen when you, or they, are tucked safely behind the wheel of a car
  • The dialects of the north of Wales sound Liverpudlian
  • Contactless credit cards encourage thoughtless spending
  • Tarmac is a bane of nature – I went from never having seen a wild hedgehog to seeing plenty as roadkill
  • Some people only want to talk about themselves
  • There are many who love their job
  • I’ve seen relatively little evidence of renewable energy initiatives
  • Old people are only as old as they behave – for some it’s just a state of mind
  • The posture and gait of Brits are not ideal, on average
  • We are dangerously under-informed about nutrition
  • There aren’t many electric car charging points
  • Juices made with spinach or kale are predominantly just fruit juice
  • For the most part, people are happy to engage in conversation with a stranger
  • The service is often better in high street chain coffee shops than independent cafes


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