I hope you’re happy

You’re looking pretty pleased, world,
You’re silencing my voice,
You’re closing every avenue
And leaving me no choice.

My god I hope you’re happy, world,
Your smug face says it all!
You’ve pushed me past the breaking point,
You’ve pinned me ‘gainst the wall.

I fought so hard to go my way,
Resisting for a decade
But I’m running out of options;
My resilience to fade.

‘You can’t do this, you can’t do that
Unless it’s labelled smart.
Stop being bloody difficult,
Add Apple to your cart.’

‘Gooble gobble, we accept her!’
‘One of us!’ said Browning.
It’s not all doom and gloom, you know,
For here’s the silver lining:

Want to learn about yourself,
Learn how to meditate,
Make memories with your children
Or meet humans to date?

Want to discover the outdoors,
Reduce screen time ingestion,
Improve your quality of sleep,
Make meaningful connections?

‘Dose up on all our products,’
Their propaganda spat.
‘You can achieve each of these goals, ‘cause
‘There’s an app for that!’

Now Hive has locked me in the house,
Alexa’s strobed the lights,
Nest is trying to cook me whole…
I’m busy playing Fortnite.

While kids as young as two or three
Are suffering addiction;
We’d love to help but we all have
Anxiety and depression.

No need to learn or move or think,
Smart stuff’s the solution!
Combine that with convenience;
Witness our devolution.

I, Robot and Ex Machina
Are sci-fi food for thought
But smart phones, houses, cities, means
The ball’s in black hats’ court.

We develop safe and clever tech,
On the heels of the hacker.
It’s not AI, but malefactors
Threatening our future.

It’s not too late to change, though,
And we can still be free.
Until that time, I’ll don the crown:
Queen of Hypocrisy.

Indoctrinate me to your cult
But be careful what you wish for,
Under duress I’ll join you now,
You might create a monster.

I really hope you’re happy, world,
Well done, I’m caving in –
So give yourselves a spinal pat,
It’s over now, you win.

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2 thoughts on “I hope you’re happy

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  1. Brilliant ..modern mobile phone technology will welcome you and all your friends and family with whom you could not easily communicate will too.Goodbye forever ancient steam powered sliding handset from 1985 !!


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