Life’s little surprises

Just when you think it’s all going swimmingly, life tends to throw a curveball your way to keep you on your toes. Even those little surprises, simply because you weren’t expecting them, can rejuvenate or ruin your mood for the day. I don’t believe in ‘fate’ or ‘destiny’ but ‘karma’ has a funny way of... Continue Reading →

Life’s little surprises come in all shapes and sizes -Becky Jo


In this modern world of over-connectivity, it’s a wonder we can lose touch with someone at all. I predict that it won’t be long before a permanent digital connection will be made upon the first handshake with anyone we meet and we will have to seek special permissions from the powers-that-be to ‘unsubscribe’ from this ‘service’.

Finding life and death in Varanasi

Some are more fortunate than others when it comes to experiencing loss. If you’re lucky, in your lifetime you’ll bury your hamster, then your grandparents, then your parents and eventually a friend or two. If you’ve got it tough, death will show itself in the wrong order and you may have to face the grief... Continue Reading →

The hundred years’ war

Introducing Tez the tortoise. Tez has been affectionately nicknamed Devil Tortoise because of his insatiable appetite for human flesh (he favours raw toes) and his lusty...libido.

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